Movement is Positively Inclusive


Technology runs the modern world. The consequence of technology running the modern world is that it has become easy to adapt a convenient and sedentary lifestyle. We outsource our movement and labor (tasks), limiting ourselves to repetitive movements that create dysfunction and injuries in the body. This is something all modern humans experience to some degree.

We can restore our movement quality, bodies, and wellness with a Sustainable Movement exercise practice that nourishes our whole body and spirit. We encourage people to have a consistent exercise program that is sustainable for life and not just short-term results.

Unfortunately, the fitness industry serves and represents the cisgender, hetero, white, able, thin, and youthful body types with exclusive and extreme standards of what “fit” looks like. The fitness industry should be an inclusive and positive space for people to work on their fitness and that is why Sustainable Movement is here.

Sustainable Movement’s mission is to bring a positive and inclusive space to the fitness industry while striving to make exercise/movement accessible for all.

Movement is for all. Regardless of your ability, age, gender, origin, religion, or color. movement is a non-dogmatic, nonjudgemental, and an inclusive birthright to all.
— Abby Corriveau, founder of Sustainable Movement




Abby’s mission is to help humans move more and well so they can live a healthy and joyful life that aligns with their truth.

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