Align yourSelf with movement that is sustainable & nourishing


With technology running the modern world, we’ve created a convenient sedentary lifestyle as a consequence. We outsource our movement and labor (tasks), limiting ourselves to repetitive movements that create dysfunction and injuries in the body.

We can restore our true nature, movement, and our bodies with a sustainable movement practice that nourishes your whole body and spirit.

Conscious movement is vital for the wellbeing of the modern human. And the “movement movement” begins with you! Start moving more parts of you and align yourSelf with the power of movement.

Movement births change. MOve More of you and create a ripple effect in the world - Abby COrriveau




Abby’s mission is to help humans move more and well so they can live a healthy and joyful life that aligns with their truth.

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Move with Abby

Work with Abby to discover how sustainable + nourishing movement can help you live more aligned.

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